Checking up for Commercial Air Compressors

What are commercial air compressors?

Commercial air compressors or as it is widely known as industrial-grade compressors are bulk compressing units that are used for the same purpose of converting power into energy based on pressurized air supply. These have a comparatively higher output or discharge power than those domestic used compressors. These demand specific power requirements and also particular tools for its utility. These types of devices are generally found in stationary units which are large in size and are often more powerful than the residential units. These come with spacious tanks for more intake and overall capacity. These units are mostly driven by electricity as the fuel variants are comparatively more expensive and less reliable. There are also gas-powered variations which are mobile and can be taken from place to place but are relatively costlier. 

Checking up for Commercial Air Compressors

What are the types of commercial air compressors?

There are basically two types of commercial units namely, the single-stage and two-stage. Single stage units are basically based on the rotary screw and reciprocating air compressor units that are used widely in industrial applications on a smaller scale whereas the two-stage units consisting of two pistons for double air compression are more effective on a larger scale and are widely used in tools like jack-hammers, impact wrenches and grinders.

Power requirements related to commercial units: –

The most average type of power requirements coming out of an air compressor is generally in the range of 90-130 psi in which most of the tools operate. This is mainly calculated using a simple equation, i.e., by adding the cubic feet unit per minute or CFM ratings of all the tools to be used simultaneously and another 25% of the total ratings to meet the errors generated during the processes.

Based on air holding capacity and discharge, the types of tanks are also built accordingly. Tools with low power ratings such as, nailers utilize a smaller tank with low discharge whereas tools such as grinders or sander which require higher outputs utilize a larger tank.

Purchasing commercial units: –

Like any other variants of compressor units, these are also found online as well as offline. The local stores are a good source whereas the online market to provides amazing deals on units. There are commercial air compressors for sale on platforms like eBay where one could get amusing deals on products with added discounts or relatively cheap prices be it used or new.

Maintenance: –

As we all know the saying prevention is better than cure, even machines demand regular examination and maintenance to run effectively for a longer duration. Some maintenance tips can be provided below;

  • One should always ensure that the power is disconnected when the operation is completed to prevented unnecessary power adoption that could lead to internal damages.
  • Regular inspection of the oil intake to check for leaks and other issues that might pose a problem later during operation.
  • The compressor should always be placed in a flat and smooth surface to function effectively.
  • Always allow the compressor to cool off in between operations.

These tips are advised in order to take proper care of the units as well as the effective functioning over a period. These tips also include regular inspection of the machine and fixing any issue that can come during an operation.