Excellence of Granite Flooring

Granite is one of the most popular materials and often used buildings and various buildings, especially for home interiors. Granite is a volcanic rock formed by pressure and heat and is available in various shades of color such as dark, light gray and pink. Due to the toughness and durability, granite type ceramic stone is usually used for kitchen, wall and floor materials living room and building.

Granite floor has now started to become a new trend in the floor of the house. In addition to strong, granite-stone flooring is also durable, with a luxurious and modern look, it turns granite floor is easier in maintenance. You can see more flooring in Wood Wall Cladding.

In addition to having natural color motifs such as rocks, wood or concrete use of granite flooring is increasingly popular because, its superiority can give a natural impression on the house. Especially applied to the minimalist and tropical-style house that is the current trend. Especially for the interior design of the house.

Another advantage

this granite floor is from the making process, the floor with granite made by way of its surface polished to shiny so much more scratch resistant. Granite floors are also very strong and able to withstand heavy loads up to 500 kg. So it has different specifications with ceramic floor usually.

In addition granite floor also has a relatively small water absorption of about 0.05% compared to the floor made of ceramics. If it looks dull, simply polish with the special powder available in the market.

Prices for Granite Floor

Because of the granite-based flooring is indeed quite expensive than the ceramic floor, but of course its quality is also proportional to the price, as already described granite floor will be more durable, strong, luxurious and easy to maintain. Simply wiped and mop granite floor will be easy to clean from any dust or other dirt.

So, the conclusion to get the model of a minimalist house that styled natural, modern, and luxurious. Apparently, Granite floors this can be the most important point and need to be considered because of the obvious advantages have no doubt.