I Wanted to Get New Shutters in My Living Room

When I decided to finally get rid of the blinds that seemed to do nothing but accumulate dust, I already knew what I was going to replace them with. I was unhappy with the blinds that I had in my living room because I had paid an upscale department store a decent price for something that just did not deliver on the promises made. That is why I was skipping the store and going right to the company that makes orange county shutters here in town. I knew that they have a really good reputation, and I figured it would also be well worth the investment.

What I was not counting on was seeing a huge sale going on when I went to their website. I had gone with the intention of just window shopping until I figured out what I wanted, but I knew that I needed to take action right away so I could take advantage of the significant savings that they were offering to customers. I placed a call to them, seeing when someone would be able to come out to my house for a consultation. That is something else I really liked about them.

I did not have to step a foot out my door in order to get quality plantation shutters installed. They sent a designer out, and she was able to help me pick out the design that would go best in my living room. The neat thing is that because of this sale, I was able to afford to do the dining room, kitchen and my bedroom as well. I was only planning on doing maybe two of the rooms, so this was a nice treat. After the consultation, I just had to be patient while they were custom built. After they were installed, I received so many compliments on them that I think at least three of my friends are going to buy some there as well.