Residence Accessories You need to Have

Residence Accessories You need to Have

There are specific items that every house really should have in the way of accessories. Undoubtedly a coffee pot, a tea pot, along with a toaster come instantly to thoughts. But let’s assume a little far more artistically. By way of example, what’s a residence without the need of:

· Art- It doesn’t have to be a costly original. It can be anything from your kids drawings on the door of the refrigerator to framed school pictures, scenic photos you took in that photography class, or blown up and framed pictures of your favorite vacations. It can be needlework, or various collections, or get the picture?

· Vases- I have dozens of vases. Some are for the roses I cut in my yard, some are bowls I float flowers in when they fall off theirs stems, some have tall bamboo sticks standing in them…Vases can be used as the main focal the hearth or in a foyer or an alcove. They can double as an umbrella stand. You will find endless styles and shapes!

· Rugs- I don’t mean wall-to-wall carpeting! Area rugs, throw rugs, hand-made rugs for wall hanging, to catch the drips at the kitchen sink, to step out of the tub on, to lie in front of the fireplace…

· Candles- You will find so many ways to use candles. They are great when the electricity goes out, set a romantic mood for those special dinners, look beautiful in formal flower arrangements, or as a centerpiece on a dining room table or sideboard. They add that special scent at holidays, and what could be better than a bubble bath complete with aroma therapy candles?