What To Wear When House Hunting

Looking for a home can be incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. And while there are many things you may have considered that you need to do in order to successfully hunt for your new home, you may not have thought of what you should wear while you’re doing it. Here’s a list of reasons why you should choose your house hunting outfit wisely.

First Impression

While in many instances when your house and inhumane up meet with the homeowner, there are occasions, particularly if it’s an open house where you will. In these instances, it’s important to put your best foot forward and to dress the part is a great way to start.


No matter the size of the property you’re viewing there’s often a lot of walking, standing and inspecting of the property that will go a lot more smoothly if you were dressed in comfortable clothes and shoes. It’s also best to up for clothing that is loose fitting so it doesn’t could restrict your range of motion. This way, if you have to inspect an attic or climb a steep staircase you can do so comfortably. It’s also important to be dressed comfortably if you’re going to be viewing multiple properties on the same day because this can become quite tedious. Also, it’s important to wear clothes that you can inspect the backyard in therefore career wear and spiked heels are probably not your best bet. It is important to be able to walk the full length of the yard and inspect the grounds for any damage. Because of these facts, sneakers or comfortable casual flats are your best choice of Footwear when house hunting

To get a feel for the house’s amenities

When house hunting, it’s important not to wear anything too heavy so you can get a feel for the heating and cooling system in your perspective new home. Wearing things that are lightweight and mirror what you might wear around the house will help you get a sense if an HVAC system is working properly.

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